About Us


Larry and I want to welcome you to Uncle Lar’s Outpost! We trust you will enjoy learning, shopping, using the treasures we have found across roads less traveled as we drive our semi from coast to coast these past 30 years.

Larry has been involved in the trucking industry for over 30 years, specializing in refrigerated logistic freight solutions. Traveling over all 48 US states, witnessing first-hand numerous manufacturing styles, products, and processing procedures. Utilizing social media to stay in touch with family and friends as he shares interesting stories, pictures and events he often would add tidbits of advice, signing his blogs as “just another tip from your Uncle Lar” … the name stuck. Soon neighbors, friends and associates began referring to Larry as ‘Uncle Lar”, combining that with the unique mercantile he has discovered across the country, and his desire to retail and expose it and share it to the world with the story behind it, “Uncle Lar’s Outpost” was born.

The past 14 years Shannon works as a contractor for FEMA conducting inspections for applicants after they return to their home following national disasters. Shannon’s greatest joys in life is following Jesus and driving semi with Uncle Lar around the country discovering treasures and treats to bring back and share with her family, friends, and neighbors.

Four years ago Shannon found herself facing numerous health challenges and losing her fight against obesity. Weighing in at 345 she began attending a nutrition class at her local church. Attending every week for months, conducting personal research, as well as mentoring with her instructor Kathy Taylor life started to turn around very slowly. The first year Shannon lost 75 lbs, but when crisis hit the family ~ as parenting (6) grown children, and 11 grandchildren can do… the weight started to return. She underwent a gastric sleeve surgery as a tool to help control the weight gain, and it helped for a while. Then about a year later more health issues rose and she began to be more intolerant to foods and beverages… again consistently searching, investigating, and learning about MSG, gluten, celiac disease, nutrition, dies and colors, artificial sweeteners… the list continued. We began eliminating preservatives, then later MSG, and then Gluten… colors, dyes… and little by little her skin, rashes, digestive tract and irritations began to cease. Although Shannon is not diagnosed as a celiac, her tolerance to gluten is very weak.

At times allergic reactions from cross contamination arises… but Shannon has lost 147 lbs over the past 4 years and feels better, more energetic, and healthier than she has been in years! She is completely off all medication, walkers, shoe supports and excited to share the food products we’ve developed to help your families eat better, easier, and healthier than ever!

God Bless!